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Scented Candles

This lovely decorated Christmas table will contribute the perfect Christmas feeling. Shiny and scented star-shaped candles with the RAL Quality Mark intensify this cosy atmosphere .

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Any second now, the pumpkin will change his laugh into a creepy grin! The flickering flame of the candle (with the RAL Quality Mark) inside its head brings the pumpkin's face to life!

Picture: European Quality Association for Candles

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Candles (with the RAL Quality Mark for Candles) scented with the Citronella fragrance fight mosquitoes and gnats. They are available in different shapes and sizes.

Photo credit: European Quality Association for Candles

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... is this heart-shaped candle with the RAL-Quality Mark. Its scent lasts definitely longer than that of any flower bouquet!
Picture notation: European Quality Association of Candles

Details of manufacturers see:  www.kerzenguete.com > Members



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… for tasty flavours! Green lanterns and scented tea lights with RAL Quality Mark harmonise perfectly.

Picture Notation: European Quality Association for Candles

Candles & Details of Manufacturers: www.kerzenguete.com > members

Lanterns: www.maniagmbh.de

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Tea lights (with RAL Quality Mark) and lanterns accompany perfectly the last warm hours of the summer season and spend light for early evenings.

Picture notation: European Quality Association for Candles

Details of manufacturers see: www.kerzenguete.com > Members

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RAL-GZ 041

Here you find the Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 041.


Pictorial material

The Quality Association for Candles offers a wide selection of free candles photos for journalistic purposes.



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